Whether you’re interested in meditation, Buddhist philosophy, or methods for generating love and compassion, you can find a Thubten Kunga Ling program that’s right for you.
For now, our Buddhist meditation center is only open for in-person attendance on Sundays from 10am – 1pm. All other classes and programs are offered via Zoom.
For specific dates and times please visit our calendar.

Where to start?

Our Sunday meditations and dharma talks are ideal for those new to Buddhism or to our Buddhist meditation center. These sessions are suitable for anyone wanting to learn Buddhist techniques for understanding our minds to facilitate a happier, more peaceful life. Our teachers explain what the Buddha taught in terms westerners can relate to and understand.

Meditation, in-person only: 10:15-10:45am Conversations That Matter, in-person and via Zoom: 11:00am-12:00pm

Walk-ins welcome! 

Our current programs

Sunday Morning Meditation

Walk-ins welcome! A regular meditation practice can help us uproot habits of mind that hold us back, and create new pathways to more positive mental states. Join us every Sunday at our Buddhist meditation center, Thubten Kunga Ling.

Becoming Your Own Therapist

In this series, led by Venerable Tendron, we will familiarize ourselves with our minds while reflecting on the negative habits that cause problems in our relationships with others and ourselves. Become your own therapist so that you may continue to develop wisdom and compassion that will enable you to be of benefit to all sentient beings

🗓 Sundays, In-person and via Zoom.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Discovering Buddhism

A fourteen-module program that gives students a solid foundation in the teachings and practice of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism. This is a wonderful entry point for anyone interested in finding out more about this particular style of Buddhism. All are welcome to join, and classes don’t have to be taken in order.

🗓 Monday evenings starting in January 2023.

There are no upcoming events at this time.

Buddhist Mind Science: Activating Your Potential

A series that focuses on meditation and the mind to provide insight and practical techniques on the mechanisms of suffering and happiness, finding mental balance, and how to discover and develop our potential for compassion and wisdom. The series connects wisdom drawn from the Buddhist tradition with references to current scientific understanding.

🗓 Modules 2 & 3 will kick off in March 2023.

There are no upcoming events at this time.