Generating Bodhichitta via the Six Perfections

Lama Zopa Rinpoche said that each of the six perfections is perfect, flawless. Each arises from bodhicitta and is supported by the other perfections, including the wisdom of emptiness. Because of that, a bodhisattva generates infinite merit every moment, whether outwardly engaged in working for others or not. A bodhisattva’s bodhichitta never stops. Even sleeping, there is no self-cherishing; even in a coma, infinite merit is still created.

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“All the Buddhas have looked into how to best help sentient beings and found that it is by generating bodhicitta, Rinpoche explains. It is only through them that you can generate compassion in your mind and from that develops great compassion, which is the basis for becoming a bodhisattva and eventually reaching enlightenment. So the buddhas are most important for us, and on top of that they are numberless, while you are only one. This is why we generate bodhicitta motivation before every practice, from taking refuge to eating, to meditating, and so on.” ~Lama Zopa Rinpoche, December 2017